UA CARES! Enjoy movie in UA Cinemas with no worries! (Updated on 18 September)

UA CARES! Enjoy movie in UA Cinemas with no worries! (Updated on 18 September)

【UA CARES! Enjoy movie in UA Cinemas with no worries!】
(Updated on 18 September, 11:00)

UA Cinemas updated our 
Anti-infection precaution measures according to the latest Prevention and Control of Disease Regulations  💪🏻

  • All UA Cinemas are sanitized by Rentokil Surface Shield™, which effectively removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, including the Covid-19 (Independently tested against feline coronavirus, a surrogate virus for coronavirus). The effective surface sanitation through a disinfection misting treatment can offer our customers peace of mind and long-lasting protection.

In Cinema

  • All our staff and customers MUST wear face mask in cinema area

  • Hand sanitizers are provided to customers

In House

  • "Social Distancing Seating Arrangement" with 75% or below house occupancy has been implemented to all UA Cinemas

  • All UA Cinemas strictly implement the 4-step Anti-Infection Precaution Measures.

  • NO Eating or Drinking is allowed

4-step Anti-Infection Precaution

  1. Every Day Before Open - 1:99 bleach is used for thorough cleansing of entire cinemas and chairs
  2. In Between Each Show - All houses to be sanitised by 1:99 disinfectant spray
  3. Every Hour - All public areas inside cinemas thoroughly cleansed every 1 hour (including Auto Ticketing Machines, Box Office, Washrooms, etc.)
  4. Before Admission - Temperature check * and quarantine wristband check # for all customers

* Cinemas staff has the right to deny the admission of any person with high temperature, fever detected or without wearing a mask. Movie ticket will be refunded (exclude online service charge)

# We reserve our right to expel any suspected offender of quarantine order. Movie tickets will not be refunded and we will hold offender liable for all our losses. All customers shall cooperate in our quarantine wristband check.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The above temporary anti-infection measures may subject to change. Please refer to the online ticketing system for the latest ticketing arrangement.