Hearing Loop Services

Hearing Loop Services

Hearing Loop Services

Providing hearing assistance to hearing-aid users, centralize and amplify the audio of the movie through the system.
Service Available at:

  • K11 Art House (House 1 & 8)
  • UA Cine Times (House 2)
  • UA Maritime (House 2) 
  • UA Citygate (House 2) 
[Steps to use]

  1. Reserve your Hearing Loop Receiver at Box Office in the available cinemas listed above before ticket purchase. 

  2. Ensure your personal hearing aid has been activated to T-coil* to enjoy our service; activate the T-coil of your personal hearing aid before arriving the cinema.  *To activate/ install the T-coil, please contact your hearing aid supplier.

  3. Rent your Hearing Loop Receiver and fill in the rental form at Box Office 10 - 15 minutes before the show starts. (Free rental, deposit HK$100)

  4. Return the Hearing Loop Receiver to Box Office and get the refund of deposit after the show.

For enquiries, please contact our customer service via email enquiry@uacc.com.hk or hotline 3850 7700 (Mon – Sun & Public Holidays: 11:00am – 8:00pm).

Terms and Conditions:
1. Above service is only applicable for movie shows at K11 Art House (House 1 & 8), UA Cine Times (House 2), UA Maritime (House 2) and UA Citygate (House 2) respectively, while not applicable for shows at other UA Cinemas.
2. Limited quantity of Hearing Loop Receiver for each cinema, please make a reservation in advance.
3. UA Cinema Circuit Limited will not responsible for any technical issues regarding personal hearing aids.
4. In case of any dispute, the decision of UA Cinema Circuit Ltd shall be final.