Raphael: The Young Prodigy (ARTiculate: Film)
Raphael: The Young Prodigy (ARTiculate: Film)

Raphael: The Young Prodigy (ARTiculate: Film)

In English、French and Italian with Chines
Massimo Ferrari

This film commemorates the 500th year-anniversary of the death of Raphael in 2020. Along with Da Vinci and Michelangelo, Raphael was known as one of the Big Three of the High Renaissance, and his masterpieces such as “The School of Athens”, “The Sistine Madonna” and “Disputation of the Holy Sacrament” laid the foundation for the Neoclassism style. The young Raphael drew inspiration from other masters, referencing, for example, Da Vinci’s pyramidal composition and Michelangelo’s use of lines, but with his prodigious talent and hard work, Raphael improved upon these elements and turned them into his own style. Raphael is best known for his depictions of the gentleness and grace of female figures, and his Madonnas are at once solemn and attractive, rendered with soft tones and delicate brushstrokes that highlighted their other-worldly and maternal tenderness, which represented a departure from the more rigid and serious conventions of contemporary devotional paintings. Raphael had numerous relationships with women throughout his life, and this film takes these women—such as his mother, fiancé and secret lover--as the starting point to explore the women portrayed in Raphael’s paintings and how their exquisite beauty has been forever preserved and passed on to posterity.

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