Maverick Modigliani (ARTiculate: Film)
Maverick Modigliani (ARTiculate: Film)

Maverick Modigliani (ARTiculate: Film)

In English、German、French and Italian with Chines
Valeria Parisi

Italian master painter Modigliani was well-known for his portraits, particularly his distinctive rendering of female figures with oval faces and long necks. The year 2020 happens to be the centenary of Modigliani’s death, and this film takes a look back on his life and explores the stories behind his most famous artworks.

In the brief 35-year span of his life, suffering was a constant theme. Even though he was largely unknown during his life, the brilliance of Modigliani became obvious to the world with the passage of time. In 2017, the Tate Modern in London held a large-scale retrospective of Modigliani’s works, while in 2018, his “Nu Couché (sur le côté gauche)” became the most expensive painting ever sold at Sotheby's.

Modigliani went to Paris as an idealistic young man to live as an artist, but gradually became mired in poverty and disease. His artistic style was rooted in Renaissance painting, which he then infused with avant-garde Parisian spirit. Inspired by African sculpture and ancient Egyptian and Oriental art, he painted figures with elongated heads, almond eyes and delicate torsos, which came to be his signature style. Modigliani’s tragic life was cut short by tuberculosis, and in his final years, Jeanne Hébuterne served as a constant companion and muse, and was the subject of numerous masterpieces including “Jeanne Hébuterne (au foulard)” and “Jeanne Hébuterne in yellow sweater”. A day after Modigliani’s death, an inconsolable Hébuterne, pregnant with his child, jumped to her death, thus drawing this 20th century artistic romance to a heart-rending close.

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