In Search of Beethoven (In Search of the Great Com
In Search of Beethoven (In Search of the Great Com

In Search of Beethoven (In Search of the Great Com

English、Arabic、German Chinese&English (In Parts)
Phil Grabsky

2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth, and we’re celebrating the momentous occasion with a special screening of this absorbing documentary, “In Search of Beethoven”. Known as the patron saint of music, Beethoven has given the world iconic pieces such as “The Eroica Symphony”, “Ode to Joy” and “The Pastoral Symphony”. The tortured genius suffered the loss of his hearing at the height of his career, but he defied grief and composed masterpieces “Symphony No. 5”. The heartrending “Moonlight Sonata” was created out of sorrow, as the pupil he was in love with at the time turned down his proposal of marriage because of social class difference – in sorrows Beethoven received joy. Throughout his life, Beethoven broke classical music traditions in structure, rhythm, chord and instrumental arrangements, and even adding vocals in a symphony. This essential Beethoven film, called by the Beethoven-Haus in Germany, features live performances of the maestro’s works by the world’s greatest musicians, including Berliner Philharmoniker, Orchestre de Paris and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, and insightful interviews with conductors, musicians and musicologists.

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