Nijinsky – A Ballet by John Neumeier (Hamburg Ball
Nijinsky – A Ballet by John Neumeier (Hamburg Ball

Nijinsky – A Ballet by John Neumeier (Hamburg Ball

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Hamburg Ballet, Alexandre Riabko, Carolina Agüero, Alexandr Trusch, Carsten Jung, Lloyd Riggins, Anna Laudere

World-renowned choreographer John Neumeier has revolutionized ballet with many new productions since he became the Artistic Director of the Hamburg Ballet in 1973, leading the company to world fame. His astonishing creativity has produced more than one hundred and fifty ballets. He has led the company to more than three hundred tours on five continents and is the recipient of innumerable awards and distinctions all over the world. To supplement the productions to be showcased at the HKAF, PLUS brings you “Nijinsky – A Ballet by John Neumeier” by Neumeier and the Hamburg Ballet at the cinema, a first-time screening in Asia that offers you another taste of Neumeier’s spectacular visuals. During Vaslav Nijinsky’s ten years as a dancer, he set new technical and expressive standards, while in his choreographic work he pointed the way towards modern dance. Yet his personal fate and mental illness forced him to spend the last 30 years of his life in asylums. In John Neumeier’s ballet, one dance legend honours another, remembering Nijinsky as the dancer, the choreographer and the man. The special screening is presented by Hong Kong Arts Festival PLUS in collaboration with UA CineHub. *All information is for reference only. Details are subject to UA Cinemas' final notice.